About us

In 1985 Dennis Cartledge (pictured on the right) purchased the local Funeral Business, formerly owned by Les Micklewright, then situated in Miles Green.  Dennis had assisted as a driver and bearer for other local funeral companies for many years while running a successful driving school.  He then purchased the former chapel building in Wood Street and for the first two years ran the business from there. During this time he, along with his family and the late Richard Kennedy, was able to develop the business through recommendations and trust. 

Dennis had taken a back seat for last few years, with Mark and Richard Horne, Dennis's grandsons running the business. Mark joined the company, full time in 2008, after 16 years of assisting Dennis and Richard, was welcomed into the business a year later.

Since Dennis and Edith Cartledge sadly passed away in 2012 the company has gone through a slight change - in name only.

It is still the same local, family run business but as Mark and Richard Horne are the sole directors of the company, then changing the company name seemed a logical thing to do.

The premises has undergone refurbishments and provides a comfortable office with a chapel of rest and large garage.

The company prides itself on delivering a high quality service that takes into account the needs and requirements of the bereaved family. 

The independent family run business provides a personal 24 hour, 365 day service.